One of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in South America, Argentina will amaze you with its myriad attractions. From the stark deserts of the north-west to the windswept plains of Patagonia, the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the thundering falls of Iguazu – the sheer range of drama is staggering. Settled by immigrants from across the world, the country has a unique identity and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

Ranging from balmy subtropical reaches in the north, to the frosty Antarctic shores of the Patagonian south, Argentina is one of the world’s most geographically diverse countries. Its kaleidoscope of landscapes offer myriad adventure and leisure opportunities, and this natural variety – coupled with its warm, animated locals, delectable carnivorous cuisine and fascinating history – make it a captivating and unforgettable travel destination. Whether you’re most likely to be spellbound by the spectacular torrents of Iguazu Falls, the sprawling ski slopes of Bariloche, the vibrant capital of Buenos Aires, or the age-old Inca city of Humahuaca, Argentina has something to delight and mesmerise even the most seasoned explorer.

What’s on offer in Argentina?

Patagonia, Argentina

Remote and stunningly scenic, Patagonia extends across part of both Chile and Argentina, and offers some of the most awe-inspiring hiking trails in the world. It is made up of distinct regions, each with its own unique beauty: southern Patagonia, with its icy landscapes and geometric granite peaks; central Patagonia, a wilderness of rainforests and coastal plains; and northern Patagonia, taking in the cobalt lakes and lush valleys of the Lakes District and Araucania.

Pampas - Argentina

Pampas, Argentina

The Pampas are verdant, low-lying grasslands that cover roughly 77 000 square kilometres of land between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, extending mostly across Argentina, but also sections of Uruguay and Brazil. With its fertile plains, the region is an important agricultural hub, and also supports some unique animal species, including the Pampas deer, the Pampas fox and the elegant crested tinamou. The Argentinean Pampas are the home turf of the ‘Gaucho’ – the original South American cowboy.

Fast Facts

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Argentina is a great year-round destination. The seasons are opposite to ours, with the north of the country tropical, the central temperate and the south cold, especially in the winter (Jun – Aug).


VISAS: Visas are not required by UK passport holders for stays of up to three months.

LANGUAGE: Spanish. English is spoken in many tourist areas.

CURRENCY: Argentine Peso.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: British Airways fly directly to Buenos Aires and Air France, Iberia, Air Europa and Lufthansa all fly via their European hubs. The Brazilian airline TAM fly via Sao Paulo.

FLYING TIME FROM UK: Approx. 14 hours to Buenos Aires.

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