Sandwiched between France, Germany and the Netherlands, this vastly underrated country is known throughout the world for little more than: its ridiculous variety of beer, scrumptious waffles, the Smurfs, and some of the best culinary delights Europe has to offer. Oh, and let’s not forget the statue of the little boy taking a whiz! But, despite its modest reputation, Belgium has plenty to offer. Its magnificent historic cities offer countless architectural and artistic wonders bearing witness to this tiny country’s massive contribution to European history. From the incredible Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels to the the towering spires in Ghent; from the picturesque old town in Antwerp to the canals in Bruges – every Belgian town seems to reveal a more beguiling treasure trove of historical delights than the next. Throw in some unexpectedly diverse landscapes, a flourishing fashion and contemporary art scene as well as some wonderfully warm and welcoming locals, and you have more than enough to start thinking of extending your stay.

What’s on offer in Belgium?


Walking through the city, you are likely to wander past a souk-like bazaar alongside a glitzy modern shopping mall, a medieval crow-step gabled house beside an elegant art deco building designed by Victor Horta himself, or shabby rows of tenements adjoining an upmarket square of expensive boutiques and restaurants. Add to this maelstrom a diverse culinary scene and a wide variety of multicultural locals and it is easy to see why Brussels is one of Europe’s most misunderstood and underrated cities.


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