For many years, Myanmar (Burma) has long borne the brunt of a brutal regime that kept it strictly out-of-bounds to most visitors. But in the last decade, the country has seen significant advancement, as a result, has become far more accessible to tourists. Ironically, the nation’s former oppression has contributed largely to its current-day charm, as its isolation prevented the rampant development and commercialism that have affected many of its Southeast Asian counterparts. Highlights of the country include the mesmerising city of Mandalay; the ancient, sprawling temple complex of Bagan; the unique allure of Inle Lake; and the serene hill station of Kalaw.

Journey into Myanmar, is a journey into the Asia of days gone by. Venture off the well-trodden tourist trail in South East Asia’s last unexplored frontier for a wonderful, often touching travel experience rich in old-world atmosphere, natural beauty, culture and memorable encounters with its engaging people. In this devoutly Buddhist country you’ll encounter red-robed monks knelt in prayer amongst the temple-filled plains and see precious gold-coated icons, said to have been touched by Buddha himself.

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