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Whale Watching
Whales & Dolphins of the Azores

There she blows! A towering column of white spray on the horizon is the indication you’ve been looking for. A vertical spout suggests among the excellent baleen whales– probably a fin, or even a blue– that move through the Azores in spring and fall. An angled spout is most likely a sperm whale, a year-round […]

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20% Bali Coast - Indonesia
8 Day Around Bali Island Tour
Bali, Indonesia
8 days

£1,259   £1,007

20% Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
13 Day Around Malaysia Tour
Kuala Lumpur
13 days

£1,374   £1,099

16 Day New York to Hollywood
16 Day New York to Hollywood
New York to Los Angeles
16 days


4 Day Essential Dubai (4* Package)
Dubai, UAE
4 days


Sydney - Australia
14 Day Highlights of Australia
Sydney to Port Douglas
14 days


Day 17 Undiscovered Cambodia
17 Day Undiscovered Cambodia (Flight Inc.)
Bangkok to Phnom Penh
17 days


Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
8 Day Sopa Safari (Standard)
Kilimanjaro to Kilimanjaro


Periyar National Park - India
14 Day Mystic Rajasthan
Delhi to Delhi
14 days


Classic Ethiopia
11 Day Classic Ethiopia
Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa
11 days


10 Day Mexico's Copper Canyon
10 Day Mexico’s Copper Canyon
Phoenix to Phoenix
10 days


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